Get Ready to Elevate Your Leadership Game and connect with Dynamic Women in Procurement at our Female Leaders in Procurement Summit

Date: 26th September 2023

10am - 3pm

Location: The Grand Hotel Birmingham


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Welcome to the Female Leaders in Procurement Summit, an inclusive and empowering event designed to create a supportive, uplifting space for women in all industries.


Join us as we foster connections, ignite conversations about the challenges faced by women, and highlight effective strategies to build confidence and enhance visibility in the procurement field.


Are you ready to level up your Leadership skills?  We have a power-packed day of inspiration, networking, and skill-building at this first Female Leaders of Procurement Summit. We've gathered some of the industry's most innovative minds, game-changing speakers, and fearless leaders to help you unlock your true potential and transform the way you approach your procurement career

Promising an unforgettable day of knowledge sharing, education, connection and support, this event is a must-attend for professionals wishing to make an impact and be more visible in their organisation and the wider sector.

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Why Attend?


This event is for you if you are struggling with:

  • Increasing your confidence, reducing imposter syndrome and wanting to increase your visibility to be seen as a viable leadership candidate

  • Being told that you are not aggressive enough, or perhaps too aggressive

  • Gender stereotyping and subtle gender micro-aggressions

  • Working for an organisation that prefers a more traditional male-oriented leadership style

  • Knowing your industry has plenty of female representation - except at board level

  • How to manage and engage with a male-dominated negotiation style

  • Connecting with a larger network and connections of females in procurement struggling with the same challenges


Has an agenda designed to help YOU begin to tackle these challenges and go further in your procurement career



10.00 AM - Welcome Breakfast and Networking

10.30 AM - Laura Scarfe ‘Avoiding the Likeability Trap’

11.00 AM - Networking Activity

11.15 AM - Coffee Break

11.30 AM - Caroline Dakin 'Developing Personal Resilience'

12.00 PM - Lunch and Networking

1.00 PM - Lucy Sheridan ‘Your Comparison Free Career Path’

1.20 PM - Savita Mace 'What Do You Bring to the Table?'

1.45 PM - Coffee Break and Networking 

2.00 PM - Expert Panel hosted by Rachael Willacy 'Lessons from Women Leading'

2.30 PM - FLIP Programme & Close

Meet the Speakers

During our day together you will be treated to:

A Safe Space for Connection and Collaboration

Women from diverse industries coming together to connect, and collaborate. 

Driving Change

By sharing experiences and insights, we aim to collectively identify strategies to overcome these obstacles and foster an inclusive and equitable future for all.

Building Confidence and Enhancing Visibility

Our expert speakers and panellists will provide practical tips, success stories, and actionable strategies that you can implement to elevate your professional presence

Engaging Conversations and Addressing Challenges

 Open dialogue is key to driving change and empowering women in procurement. At the summit, we facilitate conversations on the unique challenges faced by women in the industry, such as gender biases, leadership gaps, and career advancement barriers.



As well as the educational content, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with other like-minded people:


Networking Extravaganza

Break the ice, make new connections, and expand your professional network. Our networking sessions are designed to be engaging, inclusive, and downright fun. Who knows? Your next game-changing collaboration could be just a conversation away!

Join the Movement: Empowering Women in Procurement 

By participating in the Female Leaders in Procurement Summit, you become part of a movement that seeks to empower and elevate women in the procurement industry.   

Delicious Delights

We understand that great ideas are fueled by great food! Enjoy a delectable breakfast and a scrumptious lunch, lovingly prepared by the Grand Hotel’s talented culinary team. Sit back, relax, and savour the flavours while exchanging ideas with fellow trailblazers.

Our 2023 Summit is now SOLD OUT

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Laura is the founder and owner of Business Academy Online Ltd.  Specialising in CIPS procurement training, leadership negotiation, and emotional intelligence, Laura has designed and delivered training programs for multi-million-pound companies including an organisation set up under UN Charter.
Having worked in traditionally male dominated industries for the entirety of her career, Laura is passionate about championing and developing female leaders in Procurement, to attempt to address the gap that is felt particularly at Director level and C-suite roles.  Laura has researched studies on female leadership in procurement and found it to be a woefully under researched area.  The few studies that are available all promote the need for better female leadership training, creating networks and representation examples in the form of mentors.  As such she has developed an innovative Female Leaders in Procurement (FLIP) Programme and is committed to create a movement and make a difference in this area.
Laura believes in the concept of edutainment, the fact that laughter leads to greater memory retention.  A gifted storyteller, her programs are infused with passion, dynamism, and humour. 
Laura is a trained behavioural analyst and is one of the few trainers in the world to be a Paul Ekman Certified Trainer delivering his pioneering behavioural research into organisations.  She has been featured numerous times on various BBC radio shows to analyse behaviour and give advice.  Laura is incredibly passionate that behavioural skills need to be increased for procurement professionals, especially females and has developed an innovative Behavioural Negotiation Masterclass, which she has delivered for 7-figure businesses. 





Savita Mace

Chief Procurement Officer

Savita is an authentic, experienced and well-respected leader with over 20 years in Procurement and Supply Chain across oil and gas, consultancy, manufacturing, healthcare and pharma. Prior to joining NHS UHSussex, Savita was a Director at AstraZeneca in global Procurement and Operations. 

Caroline Dakin

Resilience Expert

Caroline specialises in developing people to reach their full potential through increasing their levels of resilience. She has worked with some of the UK’s largest companies and brands to deliver resilience workshops drawing on neuroscience,  which inspires long-lasting behaviour change.

Lucy Sheridan

Comparison Coach

The world's first and only Comparison Coach™ who, through her private practice, course and membership has helped thousands of people go from 'compare and despair' to #comparisonfree.


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Rachael Willacy

Procurement Director, Aster Group

Amanda Carman

Procurement Director, Barclays

Rosy Holloway

Senior Commercial Manager, Severn Trent

Amy Noble

Procurement Director, University of Liverpool

Rebecca Ryan

Procurement Director, TVS Supply Chain Solutions

The Female Leaders of Procurement Summit is a game-changer for ambitious women in procurement. Elevate your skills, expand your network, and unlock your true potential. Seize this opportunity to make a difference and inspire change.


Our 2023 Summit is now SOLD OUT

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P.S. Remember, it's not just a summit—it's a movement. Join the ranks of fearless female leaders who are reshaping the world of procurement. 

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